Middle School Competition 2021-archived

Hello ISMTF schools,

In order to make sure a middle school competition happens this year, we at the International school of Toulouse have agreed to work with ISMTF to organise. It has been a strange year and very difficult for many. We were so grateful to be able to take part in the junior competition and keen to do what we can to make sure all our younger students can take part too. We have made a few compromises to make this happen so we can fit it in. We hope that you will all understand. ISMTF is always keen to hear from volunteer schools for hosting competitions so if you would rather it was done a different way then that is one of the advantages of hosting!!! So here is the plan. If you think this can work for you then please sign up! We hope to have lots of students competing on the day.

  • The competition will take place on Friday, 4th June, 2021 between 9:00 am and 12:30 pm (Central European time)
  • Students must have birthdays on or after August 1st, 2006 to qualify
  • Where possible, please make sure that students are entered in teams of three and are together in the same room being supervised by at least two teachers from the school.
  • Each team will need access to one computer to enter their answers
  • We will encourage all participants to begin at the same time, but the timer on the exercises begins when the team begins.
  • There will be 3 x 40 minute rounds during the morning with 2 x 30 minute breaks in between the rounds 
  • Where schools are closed and students are competing from home, we ask the school to be responsible for making sure that the 3 students can work together via an online platform of your choice and that one team member is responsible for entering the answers.
  • In addition, we ask schools to ensure that individual students are being supervised by someone at home for the duration in the spirit of keeping the competition honest. We will rely on schools to manage this.
  • We remind you that no calculators are allowed and that students are only using pencil and paper to work on problems.

How to register….

Before you begin the registration process, please make sure that you have done the following:

  • Collated the names and dates of birth of the participating students and organised them into teams of three. You will be asked to enter them as teams of three.
  • If you have an incomplete team, that is fine as long as your students are ok with it.
  • Make sure that you have downloaded the word document template for submitting your questions. Read those instructions carefully and please give some time and thought to your questions. Registration depends on submitting completed questions as described on the template.
  • Places are not limited so if you register in time and pay then your students will be a part of it. We would rather you took your time to write good questions.
  • Registration needs to be complete by the end of the day on Sunday, 23rd May, although we would greatly appreciate anyone that can do so beforehand so we can begin compiling the questions.
  • Registrations will not be accepted after that date.
  • Registration costs 37 euros per student.

For questions about the competition, please email Jim Noble at noble@ismtf.org

For any issues with registration, please contact…..

After registration is complete, Jim will be in touch with all participating schools with further relevant information about the competition.

Thanks for reading and for your support….

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