Preparing for the Next 7 Years

The new IB Syllabus:
Preparing for the next 7 years

Dates: October 18-20, 2019
Location: TBA

Participation fee: €910
Register before may. 1 and receive a 10% discount
Room and Board: TBA

This workshop will address the differences and similarities to the present syllabus, including: structure, content, external assessment, internal assessment, delivery style and the role of technology. What happens to Math Studies students? Most importantly, what is expected of you, the teacher and how to best share experiences and resources for the new syllabus.

  • There are 2 new routes: Applications and Interpretations (AI) and Analysis and Approaches (AA).
  • Both are offered at SL and HL. How are they different and what has changed?
  • SL will be a subset of HL. What does that mean for the classroom? Can we have both levels in the same classroom all the time? Part of the time? Or, not at all? Where do Math Studies students fit in?
  • Technology. Analysis and Approaches will have papers with and without technology. Applications and Interpretations will allow/require the use of technology all the time. How is this going to change the way we teach?
  • Syllabus details I: There is one common core for all routes and all levels. Is it feasible to teach the common material to both SL routes together? Is it feasible to teach the common material to both HL routes together?
  • Data Science (special session) – This exclusive session will shed light on ways mathematics is helping to retrieve and analyse information from the masses of data available.
  • Syllabus details II – AA contains several new concepts in applied mathematics. What are they and how do they influence our teaching/learning environment?
  • AI now includes material from the old options. What are they and how do we integrate them?
  • HL no longer has options. How does that influence how we plan our courses? In the present syllabus, teachers had a choice of the option topic. Most of the time, we choose what we are most comfortable with. The new syllabus requires all topics be taught. How do we manage topics we are less comfortable with?
  • IA. Explorations will replace Math Studies projects. How feasible is that? Can Math Studies students do well in them? How do we assess students using the same criteria as the AI route?
  • Finding and sharing resources for activities and problems for the application/modelling approach.
  • Assessment. SL and HL paper samples, especially paper 3.
  • Dates: October 18-20, 2019
    Location: TBA

    Participation fee: €910
    Register before May. 1 and receive 10% discount
    3 nights B&B: TBA
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